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At Gera de Wet Design Studio, it is much more than just an interior design firm; the focus is on every aspect of the design process and the aim is to turn your dream into a reality. Each design and space is tailored and customised to your personal needs. 

Gera’s design aesthetic is specific and can be described as a mix of unruffled details with contemporary surprises topped off with elements of classic luxury. Beautiful spaces do not necessarily have to break the bank. It is all about finding the right balance by combining thought provoking materials with good, functional design. Undoubtedly the predominant reason that makes Gera stand out above the rest is her ability to think practical

and execute functional spaces. The challenge lies in designing an aesthetically pleasing piece or space that is not just pleasing on the eye, but it has to add functional value to the client’s way of living. This is mainly the reason why most of the pieces she uses within her spaces, are designed by her and custom made by carefully selected craftsmen. 

Although Gera’s design approach is to create spaces and items that are classic, both in looks and in longevity, since a little girl she has always had a natural talent to accurately forecast trends way in advance in all facets of design – from fashion to interiors to weddings to food.

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